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TWD Wikia was created as a Wikia for Original and Created Characters of the show "Thumb Wrestling Federation", or TWF. Here at TWD, we accept originality and the fact that despite the awesome of official characters, we really want to make our own too! Inspiration comes from all over so expect to see a lot of different (and related ideas) personalities and characters coming together. For those wishing to write-up matches involving their wrestlers, there's always the Created Seasons ^^

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We're not just from one nation, you know. Created by British born and bred Steve_Gazillion, we are maintained by people from both sides of the Atlantic. But when you're a TWF Fan, you're not judged on where you come from, because we all share one same fandom (and sometimes, obsession XD)


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TWF Ocs Mei Lei by Pugseli

The older sister of Pei Pei the Purple Panda, Mei Lei never fancied the princess life. Throughout her childhood, she favoured the army and grew up through the ranks, finally becoming leader of the Porpoistani Army. When her sister entered the TWF, Mei Lei hung back, and Pei Pei's defeat to N Fuego meant the two sisters worked together as Mei Lei trained Pei Pei. And now Mei Lei's wanting a go at wrestling.


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